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KE Tel: +254 750 423546

 About Rubicon 

Founded & Managed by Experts

[ Supporting Government, Business & Communities ]


Rubicon Integrated Services is a UK registered company that operates across Africa, importing the latest technologies from Europe and the United States. Our primary product class includes nano-polymer construction products for use in mining, social infrastructure and agriculture. Our solutions provide our clients with considerable cost efficiencies in comparison to current and legacy practices, whilst exceeding quality standards and being fully environmentally suitable.


Rubicon ​delivers new technologies and methods to Africa to increase access, invigorate local commerce and reduce poverty. Our operational model integrates a range of enabling products and delivery methods that:

- create safe community areas;

- enhance, repair and build rural road networks;

- reduce health hazards and

- create local business capabilities.


Where needed,

- we clear areas of battlefield debris (including de-mining),

- teach local people to identify and avoid hazards;

- then stabilise local soils, build robust roads and

- suppress crop-yield depleting dust with nano-polymer technology.

- We eradicate local mosquito populations and

- provide innovative water sanitation and preservation solutions. 


We support government and commercial organisations in reducing operating costs, enhancing their CSR impact and safeguarding local ecosystems. 


There are 2 concurrent delivery approaches. Firstly we deliver these capabilities to government, international organisations and NGOs for the direct benefit of local communities. Secondly, we deliver road-building, dust suppression, vector control and water preservation direct to commercial entities across multiple sectors, on the proviso that a CSR commitment is made to dependent communities. For example mining roads could be complemented by upgrading local rural roads. All products are environmentally compliant, easily applied, offer significant VfM over legacy tech and present an integrated and balanced approach to invigorating regions and local communities.


Longer-term, Rubicon will broaden its integrated solutions to deliver micro-grid power, water production and sustainable housing.




We are an agile, dynamic team that have a wealth of experience operating in a range of sectors and roles across Africa and other markets. We integrate well with our clients, treat them with respect, guide them through the challenges and support them through to the end of each project. We understand people and know how to get the best from them individually and as a team.


We Plan, We Adapt and We Deliver ... Consistently


Rubicon invests in its people; core team, permanent staff and project hires. We believe in training to transform and know that up-front investment reaps rewards for all. We aim to leave a local community significantly better off in its physical and economic circumstances, whilst its people have benefitted from training, knowledge transfer, experience, community investment and equitable pay