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Our Services


Rubicon delivers a wide range of innovative products and services tailored specifically to our customers needs


The list of our current capabilities is below. Additional services will be added once full operating capability is achieved

Nano-polymer Technologies

Water Loss Prevention

Disease Vector Eradication

Battlefield Debris Clearance (including training & education)

Community Infrastructure Improvement

Temporary Infrastructure

Nano-polymer Attributes


Durability – Dirt & gravel haul roads are not all-weather roads and quickly degrade with heavy load traffic and weather. Our product is.waterproof, all-weather, flexible and stronger than cement and asphalt. Our roads support heavy load traffic and can last decades or be crushed at lease-end and safely left on-site.


Strength – Greater CBR load-bearing and tensile strength than cement and asphalt. Strength can be adjusted to match performance specifications and thereby maximize value to the project.


Water Resistance – Cracking, potholes, pumping and freeze heave are all caused by water ingression. Dirt & gravel haul roads, even asphalt & cement road bases are constantly damaged by water ingression. Our product creates tight impermeable bonds that prevent water ingression even at high pressure, eliminating the root cause of most road base failure.


Thermal Cycle Resistance – The material is flexible when cured, eliminating freeze/thaw cycle damage and resisting direct water flow. Wide temperature variation can cause many other products to suffer; especially concrete and asphalt.


Alkaline Soil Resistant – Unaffected by high alkaline soils, will cure strong and not breakdown, unlike other stabilisers.


UV Resistant – Does not breakdown in sunny climates, unlike other stabilisers.


Rapid Construction – A cement quality road can be built in 70% less time. Constructed like a dirt road, fast curing binders are used with on-site soil, sand, rock and/or clay. In dry weather, binders cure overnight and road is ready for normal traffic the next day; heavy vehicles in 24-48 hours.



[ Durable / Strong / Water Resistant / Thermal cycle Resistant / Alkaline Soil Resistant / UV Resistant / High VfM]


Environmentally Responsible


With increased awareness of air, land & water contamination, the negative impact of asphalt and cement has grown. As a proven low-impact alternative, our technology is 100% ecosafe and popular with agricultural producers. Our construction system is currently the only one verified in the US to reduce CO2 and equivalent greenhouse gases.


Our nano-polymer products are cold-manufactured, cold-applied, VOC-free, EPA compliant non-toxic. They are produced in an indoor sanitary controlled laboratory requiring far less energy and water than traditional aggregate material production. In the United States, use of these products qualify for environmental tax credit programs
like LEED, BREEAM, Sustainable Sites InitiativeTM (SITESTM), US voluntary and UNFCCC compliant carbon offset (carbon credits).


As opposed to cement, asphalt and aggregate production, polymer manufacturing produces a nominal fraction of airborne pollution, greenhouse gases or damage to countryside from quarry blasting. Nano-polymers are non-flammable, non-carcinogenic and use no solvents to corrode equipment or contaminate land and water. They are non-hazardous to plant, animal and marine life; chemically inert and impervious to water after curing. There is no surface wash-off or toxicity threat to land or adjacent waterways.

[ 100% Ecosafe / Reduce Greenhouse Gases / Inert / Non-hazardous / Conforms to Highest Standards ]


Corporate Responsibility


Rubicon Integrated Services has a strong ethical approach that underpins all of our work. We work closely with communities local to our projects right from the beginning. We support our government and corporate clients to ensure that local communities understand what we are delivering and the associated benefits to them and their environment. Our core team has extensive experience across the world and are very well qualified to deal fairly and supportively with local community stakeholders


By default we train and employ suitable local candidates to work for Rubicon.

[ Ethical Engagement / Client CSR Support / Protect the Community & Environment / Strong Local Content Policy ]